Answers about Business and Industry

Holiday travel and business travel have different purposes and activities. Let’s look at the main differences: Purpose: Holiday Travel: People go on holiday tri Read more Business and Industry +1 What is the importance of brand franchise in an organisation? Asked by Wiki User Brand franchise, also known as brand equity, plays a crucial role […]

Answers about Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values

THere is not such percentage greater than 100% . 100% is totality. 140% is actually a multple of 100 Yes!!! we casually refer to percentages greater than 100%, Read more Percentages, Fractions, and Decimal Values What percent is 6 out of 150? Asked by Wiki User 6 / 150 X 100 Cancel […]

Answers about Miscellaneous

Old Western dresses from the 19th century are commonly referred to as “Victorian dresses” or “pioneer dresses.” The style of women’s dresses Read more Miscellaneous What day will it be on January 21 2024? Asked by Wiki User It’s Sunday on January 21, 2024, but… While January 21, 2024 will indeed be a Sunday, […]

Answers about India Colleges and Universities

LPU’s Mittal School of Business stands as a vibrant center for diversity, drawing students and faculty from various corners of the world and across India. Embra Read more Languages and Cultures +2 Money is sixth sense without which one can’t enjoy other five? Asked by Wiki User The phrase “Money is the sixth sense without […]

Answers about Business Plans

Change management’s strengths lie in fostering adaptability, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring a smooth transition. It promotes employee engagement and minimiz Read more Business Plans +2 Why is a marketing plan necessary? Asked by RolandGM a marketing plan is a crucial tool that not only helps businesses navigate the complex landscape of marketing but also ensures […]

Answers about Education

the apalachee men wore breechcloths. apalachee woman wore skirts made out of fiber. the apalachees also wore moccasins. shirts were not necessary in the apalach Read more Business & Finance +1 Why do people give up their babies for adoption? Asked by Wiki User People may choose to give up their babies for adoption […]

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