Rear-view camera captures moment lorry and BMW collide on the M62

A Buy driver’s license online rear-view camera captured the moment a lorry and a BMW collided on the M62 before veering off into the hard shoulder. The footage shows how the truck and saloon came into collision in the inside lane. The vehicles appear to touch before the BMW veers onto the hard shoulder and […]

Answers about The Difference Between

Mist comprises airborne droplets of water. Dew comprises droplets of water attached to some solid structure (eg a blade of grass or a spider’s web). The source Read more Science +1 What is the difference between treating and curing? Asked by Wiki User Treating and curing are two terms often used interchangeably, but they do […]

Moment gang try to steal Deliveroo driver’s bike in Canary Wharf

Horrifying video shows the moment a group of young men tried to steal a Deliveroo driver’s bike in London. The shocking 40-second clip, which appears to have been filmed in Canary Wharf, was posted to Twitter yesterday and has already been viewed by more than 30,000 people.¬† It shows a group of young men dressed […]

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